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Bridge Network : Connecting your legal needs across Canada

In creating Bridge, our mission is to give our clients access to the same responsive, cost-effective, and sophisticated legal problem solving for cross-Canada transactions that they experience with each of our member firms every day. Starting with a call to the local firm they have come to trust, our clients now have access to experienced real estate lawyers across Canada, ensuring that transactions get off the ground quickly and are handled with the care and attention they are used to.


Peisse Dupichot Lagarde Bothorel & Associés

We are very pleased to announce a collaboration agreement between our firm and our French colleagues from PEISSE DUPICHOT LAGARDE BOTHOREL & Associés whose offices are located in Paris, France.

PEISSE DUPICHOT LAGARDE BOTHOREL & Associés has approximately 20 lawyers working in litigation and in legal counsel in a wide range of areas, including real estate, business law, construction law, The law of succession and persons, the law of civil and commercial contracts as well as in the field of civil or commercial arbitration.


Réseau international d'avocats Gesica

de Grandpré Joli-Coeur is a member of the GESICA network.

GESICA is the first international network of French-speaking lawyers. There are more than 250 law firms in the European Union and the rest of the world (Argentina, China, United States, Mozambique ...). At a time when the economy is sluggish, lawyers must display their skills and specializations. Based on the determination of more than 250 law firms to work together, to share their experiences and their perfect knowledge of the judicial system, GESICA has a thirty-year history and is a major player in the French legal market. With its international section in development, GESICA is present worldwide.


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