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Welcome to our real estate law and notary firm

De Grandpré Jolicoeur
Real Estate Lawyers and Notaries in Montreal

Co-ownership services

Co-ownership services

A full range of legal services dedicated to real estate developers, syndicates of co-owners, managers and co-owners.
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Who are we?

De Grandpré Jolicoeur is quite simply the largest real estate law and notary firm in Montreal. We provide you with the expertise, guidance and advice you need on a daily basis in real estate and co-ownership law.

Request a legal consultation with a lawyer or notary from De Grandpré Jolicoeur

To obtain a legal consultation with one of De Grandpré Jolicoeur’s lawyers or notaries, click on the link below.

Our role as real estate lawyers

Informing and advising you

As your legal advisors, we provide you with plain language information about the laws and regulations that apply to your situation. We also advise you on the best course of action when undertaking a project or resolving a problem.

Protecting and representing you

De Grandpré Jolicoeur lawyers are loyal, honest, transparent and impartial. We are proud to represent and defend you in court. We also counsel you on private dispute prevention and resolution.


Blog Articles

Blog Articles

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DJC in the Media

DJC in the Media

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Want to contact our real estate lawyers?

For more information about De Grandpré Jolicoeur, our areas of expertise and co-ownership services or to speak with one of our lawyers or notaries, contact us here.

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