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The greatest ally of real estate developers, co-owners and their syndicates.

Condominium Law

Our lawyers specializing in condominium law offer a full range of legal services to real estate developers, condominium corporations, property managers and co-owners. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced condominium lawyers and notaries work seamlessly together to provide you with the most comprehensive expertise in Montreal and throughout Quebec.

Services offered by our condominium lawyers

All the condominium law expertise you need under one roof.

Co-ownership disputes can arise in many cases. No matter your case, our team is always ready to support you in your legal proceedings and represent you on a daily basis.

  • Formal notices
  • Legal proceedings by the syndicate or a co-owner for the application and compliance with the declaration of co-ownership
  • Legal proceedings by a co-owner for the cancellation or modification of a general meeting decision
  • Judicial proceedings by a co-owner for the cancellation or modification of a decision of the board of directors
  • Legal proceedings by the syndicate for construction defects against a promoter, a contractor or building professionals
  • Legal proceedings by a co-owner for latent defects against a seller
  • Representations of the syndicate or a co-owner in the conciliation and arbitration process with the administrators of the New Home Warranty Plan, in case of defects, faults or deficiencies
  • Legal proceedings by the syndicate or a co-owner to recover damages and/or deductible following an insurance claim
  • Legal proceedings by the syndicate for the recovery of common expenses or other unpaid amounts for the benefit of the syndicate of co-owners
  • Legal proceedings by a co-owner to force the syndicate to maintain the common areas and/or maintain the building
  • Legal proceedings by a co-owner to recover damages for abuse, disturbances and/or inconveniences caused by the syndicate
  • Mediation and arbitration of disputes between the syndicate and co-owners
  • Any other dispute

Many documents are essential to co-ownership arrangements. Our team is responsible for producing or modifying all the documents required for the proper functioning of your co-ownership.

  • Declarations of divided co-ownership
  • Declarations required for the establishment of a co-ownership in phases:
    • Initial Declaration of Co-ownership
    • Declaration of concurrent co-ownership
  • Indivision agreement
  • Documents necessary for the establishment of a new co-ownership
  • Adapted information notes and preliminary contracts
  • Co-ownership by-laws
  • Modifications and amendments to Declarations of Co-ownership
  • Rewriting of Declarations of Co-ownership published under the former Civil Code of Lower Canada
  • Notice of legal hypothec in favour of the syndicates of co-owners
  • Notice of exercise of hypothecary rights in favour of the syndicates of co-owners
  • Etc.

The co-ownership domain is constantly changing and evolving. Our team is available to advise you on matters that concern you so that you can make the right decisions.

  • Legal opinion
  • Legal advice to syndicates (directors and managers of co-ownerships)
  • Start-up of co-ownerships
  • Assembly of co-ownerships in phases
  • Co-ownership due diligence prior to the purchase of a unit
  • Merger of syndicates of co-ownership
  • Dissolution and liquidation of condominiums
  • Fiduciary for insurance purposes
  • Fiduciary for payment management in case of major work

The meeting of co-owners is an important event in condominium ownership. Our team is available to support you and provide the help you need every step of the way.

  • Updating the registers of co-owners
  • Organization and active presence at the meeting of co-owners
  • Assistance and drafting of draft resolutions, notices of meeting, mandates and any other document relating to the meeting of co-owners
  • Chairing and secretary of the general meeting of co-owners
  • Preparation of the register of attendance, ballots and minutes
  • Taking care of vote counting at general meetings using software that calculates in real time the votes of co-owners present and represented, according to the nature of the decision to be voted on
  • Organization and holding of remote co-owner meetings (virtual meetings)

Several stakeholders with different needs rub shoulders in co-ownership. Whatever your role, our team can help you improve your competencies and increase your self-sufficiency.

  • Co-owners
  • Directors and managers
  • Real estate brokers
  • Insurance brokers and agents
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries

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