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Christine Lutfy


Christine Lutfy is a notary in the real estate law and co-ownership law group of the firm.

In her practice, Mtre Lutfy acts as counsel and receives individuals and corporations in various real estate transactions, more particularly in matters relating to divided and undivided co-ownership. She regularly participates in the preparation, writing and conclusion of contracts in such matters. In addition, she acted as instrumenting notary of the sales in several major real estate projects, such asBoisé Notre-Dame phase IV and Tour des Canadiens de Montréal.

On a daily basis, Me Lutfy assists directors and co-owners in the interpretation of their declaration of co-ownership. In addition, she collaborates with directors when it is required to modify their declaration of co-ownership. In matters relating to amendments to declarations of co-ownership, her services include the rewriting of declarations of co-ownership that were put in place before January 1st, 1994, with the particular aim of making them conform to the co-ownership laws in force.

Mtre Lutfy also accompanies individuals in the establishment of divided or undivided co-ownership, particularly for buildings with less than 10 dwelling units. Services rendered in these files include the preparation of declarations of divided co-ownership or indivision agreements.

She has given many lectures more particularly on the different steps and documents required during a real estate transaction, the rewriting of declarations of co-ownerships and the management of co-ownership properties.

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